4 luxury hotels in the Northeast USA that you can travel to by helicopter


Traveling regionally can be a chore if you drive or fly commercial. For the discerning traveler, helicopter charters can be immensely convenient and surprisingly affordable. Imagine going through the airport process without the nightmare of security lines and flight delays… getting on a climate-controlled, comfortable, private helicopter that’ll take you directly to your destination… no annoying fellow passengers… just a smooth experience all the way!


Unlike airplanes, helicopters have the wonderful ability to land on private properties such as clients’ backyards, fields or parking lots (all limited to daylight hours for safety). Similarly, many luxury hotels operate helipads or designated landing zones for the convenience of their patrons. On site helicopter landings, although subject to local ordinances, are completely safe if performed by a reputable and experienced operator.

Here are 4 luxury hotels…

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