Kiwi For Gmail Review – Making Life More Efficient

While you might imagine the bulk of my time working is spent writing blog posts or editing photos, actually it’s writing emails that take up the bulk of my time every single day. There’s a new(ish) app called Kiwi for Gmail which is meant to make life easier for Gmail mail users. Anything that saves me time is something I’m up for trying.

This app started as a Kickstarter in 2015 and has grown massively since then. Basically, Kiwi for Gmail takes your mail out of the web browser. Many other email services do this but Gmail hasn’t yet. It’s something that people who use Gmail have always wanted as an extra, so this really fills a gap in the market. 

My boyfriend uses Gmail as well and after I told him about this new app, he’s already using it himself and loves that he can now work outside the browser. He used to work at Microsoft and went to school for computer science so he gets a little over the top excited about tech things. Based on his excitement and the fact…

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