FlySMS Review – Travel App for Easy Flight Notifications

By Adam Groffman

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, there’s always a familiar routine after landing. You’re stuck inside the plane wondering if the only person you know in town is going to be there ready for your airport pickup. Or you want to let know family and friends that you somehow managed to survive a thirteen hours’ flight—anxiously waiting for the pilot to announce it’s safe to use your mobile phone. Even if you’re heading back home from a work trip to a lover at home, wouldn’t it be nice if he’s got dinner prepared and Netflix at the ready?

FLYSMS Review - Travel App for Easy Flight Notifications - Travels of Adam -

For all these things, we’re always trying to swap SIM-cards last minute (trying to find the right SIM card for the right country), or spending lots of clicks fighting the unfriendly wireless registration form of the local airport. If you’re particularly unlucky, the airport doesn’t even offer free WiFi (hello?! It’s 2017!), they might not sell SIM cards in the…

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