5 tried and tested items from our latest trip


You could be forgiven for thinking this is some idyllic paradise in the Maldives. Sadly, it was somewhere much colder! The scene you see is in fact sunrise at Beaver Sailing Club, not a million miles from the not-so-picturesque town of Goole in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Our sons were there for some sailing winter training, but a lack of luxury accommodation in the area means you won’t find any write-up about where we stayed (a neraby Premier Inn).

Sunrise at Beaver Sailing Club

Sadly also, a lack of wind meant that they didn’t get out on the water as much as they’d have liked, but the weekend nevertheless allowed us to try out some great new gear:

Junior Salt Jacket from Helly Hansen

Our boys have one of these in red and one in blue, and both look great. It’s something they can wear whilst rigging their boat, before they get changed into their drysuits, and again to keep warm after a day’s sailing; it’s something they love…

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