Hiking Children’s Eternal Rain Forest in Monteverde: Bajos del Tigre Station

If you love nature, hiking and visiting lesser known destinations, hiking Children’s Eternal Rain Forest in Monteverde has to be on your list. Out of the 3 protected reserves in Monteverde, the Children’s Eternal Rain forest or Bosque Eternos de los Niños, is considered the least visited. A bit surprising, considering that it is the largest private reserve in all of Costa Rica with 23,000 hectares (56,834 acres)!

The reserve’s name comes from the founders, a group of Swedish children who campaigned to gather support from countries around the world to protect this unique piece of land in Costa Rica. Thanks to them, the Children’s Eternal Rain forest is now an important watershed and houses an enormous variety of flora and fauna.

Since we only had half a day, we visited the Bajos del Tigre station very close to Cerro Plano. There are 4 different stations in the Children’s Eternal Rain Forest with various hiking trails, levels and scenery and hopefully one day we will go…

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