Things to Do in the Hocking Hills

Unless you are from the state of Ohio (and even that isn’t a guarantee), then you probably haven’t heard of the Hocking Hills.

Located in southeastern Ohio near the town of Logan, “the Hocking Hills” generally refers to Hocking Hills State Park and Hocking Hills State Forest and all the caves, waterfalls, and hiking trails that are contained within them.

Yes, Hocking Hills is an outdoor-lover’s paradise.

Even though I’ve lived in Ohio my entire life (and HAD heard of the place), I didn’t visit Hocking Hills until I was nearly 30. Shame on me, I know. Once I finally got there, I realized what all the hype was about – and knew that I definitely needed to share this corner of Ohio.

Elliot and I went down to the Hocking Hills for a long weekend in May. The weather was already warm (actually it was hot and humid already in southern Ohio!), but it was before the summer holidays kicked in, meaning we didn’t have to deal with tons of people. (Because,…

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