I’ll Be Back – Travel Destinations Worth Returning To

Here are five places travel destinations worth returning to. I fell for these places hard - or felt I could truly love in different circumstances.
Copenhagen, Denmark (Credit: Witizia)

I think most travel destinations can be categorized in four different ways.

There are the places that you go to that you just can’t get on board with. Maybe they’re not your cup of tea, or something happens that casts a shadow on your time there (like street harassment, getting robbed, or falling ill). Whatever the case, you don’t enjoy the place and you’re quite relieved to get out of there.

Then there’s destinations that you travel to which are… just okay. You don’t have a terrible time there and you like it well enough, but you don’t feel a burning desire to ever go back.

Some places on the other hand, you can’t get enough of. As you walk down the streets, you can imagine a life there. You can see yourself living in a little apartment, getting your groceries from the local supermarket and you’ve already picked out a favorite cafe. You either make it your mission to move there, or daydream about the place whenever you’re…

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