Ultimate Guide To Phuket: Things To Do And Places To Stay

8 years ago…


… I came to Phuket for the very first time. I met a Canadian girl there, her name was Julia. She fell madly in love with a Thai guy and decided to get married and live in Thailand with
him. We became Facebook friends but lost contact with each other over the last years. I almost forgot about her. Until she commented on my Instagram recently, and we started talking again with each other.


I was amazed to find out that Julia was already living for 10 years in Phuket, still married to the same guy and happier than ever, expecting her first child. “You should come and
visit us in Phuket
” she said. And really, I had nothing to say against it. 


I was housesitting in Bangkok when she
invited me, and I had nothing planned for afterwards. So why not? I looked up for flights on and when I saw that a…

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