South Africa Budget Travel Guide

Few countries are as culturally diverse or offer such a broad range of activities as South Africa.

Hike through the epic Drakensberg mountains, see the Big Five of African wildlife, or spot big marine animals including sharks and whales — not to mention South Africa’s beach- and surf life, its wine country, as well as interesting cities and towns that can either be very ‘Western’ or ‘African’ in character.

With seasons opposite to Europe or North America, it makes for a great winter destination. And with an excellent network of backpacker hostels as well as affordable (for a developed country) hotels and guesthouses, it represents good value for budget travellers looking for high standards but without the higher costs of Australia, Europe, Japan or the USA.

5 quick tips for traveling South Africa

If you’re planning to travel in South Africa, I have a couple of high-level tips for you to start with:

  1. Go to the wild coast. Seriously… go to the wild…

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